Who we are


At The Albex Group, fashion and retail are truly at heart of what we do, and we constantly seek ways to add value to your brand. We’re not solely a products supplier, but also help provide advice and perspective to perfect your store design, window displays and bring your retail ideas to life.

Our inspiration is drawn from the expertise of our founder, who spent years exploring all facets of retail – from mannequin manufacturing to discovering unique window displays. We believe in our products, and our customers too.

With Albex by your side, your options are limitless. We work with globally renowned partners in our industry including Mainetti Italy, Bonaveri and FlatBag for all types of mannequins and retail accessories; JISP, Realfiction, Perch, VSBLTY and H Ventures for technological products such as holographic displays, contact-free shopping software and interactive mirrors.


Vik Malkani

Vik is cool and always puts the comfort and well-being of his colleagues as a priority. He encourages a professional yet fun environment where everyone can work and laugh at the same time.

Dom D'Silva

Dom is a cool and fun, yet a hardworking and meticulous guy who loves to travel and learn new things along the way. He is that one person who gets excited with the prospect of discovering something new.

Bharatesh Suvarna

Bharatesh is a very passionate individual who is always up to help everyone! He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience and he's also very innovative!

Faith Perez

A fun-filled energetic girl who leaves no stone unturned in putting a smile on both her colleagues’ faces and their customers.

Julieta Almanza

Julieta brings creativity to the team and she's the one to go to when it comes to fashion and sustainability.

Lekha Rajeev

Lekha is a very creative spirit that loves fashion and design, reason why she leads Go Style Yourself.

Nishani Manohar

Nishani has the fashion eye needed to pick the best outfits, she will make you look great!

MJH Sameer

Sam is the genius behind our numbers, he is also a very kind human being that brings amazing qualities to our team.

Sid Keluskar

Full of energy and always smiling, Sid loves to connect with people. No wonder why he is part of our Business Development team.

Catherine Zarraga

Catherine is one person that always has a smile on her face. Her no nonsense attitude guarantees both the team and the clients the reliability they deserve.

Presly Dias

Presly has a very interesting background in hospitality, but his real talent is on sales, which makes him the ideal asset for The Albex Group. Fun fact: he's also very a talented cook!

Shakir Kaleel

Shakir's many years of experience and expertise in the field of production have proven itself invaluable in making clients happy with the outcome of each project that he handles.

Krish Fernando

One word to describe Krish would be efficient. May it be in winter or summer, Krish walks (and drives) the extra mile to make clients smile.