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We do not sell courses, we sell success to succeed in times of uncertainty.

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Super Star Sales Course

For Individuals and Sales Team

Online retail sales training courses can be so much more powerful than periodic visits from a field trainer.

Your employees can watch the sales training courses again and again until they master each step until them become Super Stars in selling as teams practice they get soft skills training and behavioral change occurs as part of selling mastery.

Virtual training caters to all 4 E’s of E-learning: ENGAGING. EFFICIENT. EFFORTLESS. EFFECTIVE

We’ve created a Retail Sales training ecosystem that produces results, month after month, year after year.

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Freedom Sales System

– For Store Manager

Do Your Managers Get Amazing Results out of their Teams?

Covid-19 has taught us that people who LEAD can bring Success or Failure to your business. Your Store Manager is the Mini CEO, who has to struggle with People, Productivity and Processes. It is crucial that he has the needed Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to perform his role and get the best from his team.

By the end of the program, the Store Manager becomes competent in all areas of managing People, Productivity and Processes. The Program takes the Manager at any level he is currently and transforms him and his team. The skills and knowledge can be transferred to one or many in the team, saving you training and development costs, over and over again.

Everything we’ve learned over the past 30 years about what managers must absolutely do to develop and coach high performing teams. The Course is packed with the worlds best knowledge and practices.

Retail Merchandising and Buying Mastery

– For new Planners and Merchandisers

Learn to apply retail math formulas to everyday merchandising activities and have full understanding of all the business activities involved in planning and procuring goods and services from vendors; pricing, positioning, presenting, packaging, promoting and ultimately selling those goods to the target consumer.

It isn’t an easy topic and that’s largely due to the fact that the subject matter is littered with specialized terminology, concepts, jargon, etc. For individuals who are new to the field, it can be quite daunting. So, are you ready to go from newcomer to all-rounder in retail buying and merchandising? You’ve stopped at the right course that’s going to fast track your learning in record time!

The course comprises of a range of audio-visual lectures with exercises towards the end of each relevant section to test your understanding of the topic. This 4 in 1 Bundle (Math’s for Merchandisers + Understanding PnL + Visual Merchandising + Store Operations), gives deep insights and understanding for Performing your role as a Planner or Merchandiser and prepares you for the Buyer’s Role.

3in1 Retail Math_Sales online training

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