At The Albex Group we love technology, innovation and aesthetics, and when these come together the result is amazing. We partnered with Jisp, Insync, VSBLTY Realfiction and Perch Interactive to bring marketing & retail intelligence to your windows and exhibitions. The products are the definition of a smart tool while creating a memorable retail experience and helping each business stay to date with today’s trends.

Contact-free shopping by JISP

The retail industry has changed and we’re facing new challenges everyday, such as the new measurements due to covid-19, like social distancing. We partnered with Jisp because they developed a technology that allows people to do contact-free shopping. It’s very easy to implement and will make a change in the way your customers shop, it’s ideal for our new reality!

Jo Malone Interactive Fragrance Display Cabinet by Perch

Perch Interactive

Perch Engages Shoppers To Interact With Your Products By:

  • Attracting customers to the interactive retail displays with high-impact, dynamic digital media
  • Detecting which products shoppers touch or pickup using advanced computer vision technology
  • Responding to shoppers with engaging product-level marketing, media, and applications
  • Analyzing behavior for continuous improvement of merchandising, content, and packaging

Magic Mirror by H-Ventures with VSBLTY technology

It is not just a mirror, it is the latest marketing tool that will help you collect the most useful data. The mirror developed by H-Ventures uses VSBLTY technology that provides metrics such as: body counts, gender, age and sentiment from your customers in real time through a dynamic interaction and facial recognition.

Woman using the Magic Mirror in a supermarket
Hologram in a jewelry store

Realfiction Holograms

Nothing says technology as an hologram, the ultimate retail experience that will give your customers the opportunity to feel and appreciate a product. We partnered with Realfiction and brought their amazing products to the region. Add it to your exhibitions and give your customers a futuristic experience.




Laptop and mobile phone showing the same mobile application

The work environment has changed a lot in the last months and technology has helped us adapt to its challenges, from facilitating communication between teams to maintaining the ideal productivity levels in the organization. We partnered with Amaze to bring new software solutions to tackle new organizational challenges in a very friendly way. Their different softwares and apps offer the right platform to keep the operation of different industries, from retail to banks and project management institutions.