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Flatbag is the smart paper bag, a patented product that will bring you tons of benefits!

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Smart Product

30% of paper saved from being wasted and 50% less glue


30% of trees saved from deforestation and 30 to 40% less CO2 emissions.


Made of 100% natural material, resists 4 months of use!

Great design

Unlike paper bags, this one is completely silent, has different sizes and it’s fully customizable.


3 trucks needed instead of 5 and 40% faster loading-unloading time.

Warehousing benefits

3 pallets needed instead of 5 and use of smaller boxes that will save you money!

Take a look at its performance

We know it’s hard to believe how smart this Flatbag is, so we tested it. Watch these videos and take your company to the sustainable side by using flatbag. If you want to know more, we also have a PDF with more details and of course, you can always send us message. We will be happy to help!

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