Hanger Bars


Product Description

Line Logistic
Description Hangers bars with handles for the transport of hanging boxes in wardrobe or “stand-up” cartons. Special jaws lock the bar to the carton. Can be supplied with a “security” strip to cover the hanger hooks.
Available sizes        
BR Bar cm.10 Positions 7
BR Bar cm.11 Positions 8
BR Bar cm.12 Positions 9
BR Bar cm.13 Positions 10
BR Bar cm.14 Positions 11
BR Bar cm.15 Positions 12
BR Bar cm.16 Positions 13
BR Bar cm.17 Positions 14
BR Bar cm.18 Positions 15
BR Bar cm.19 Positions 15
BR Bar cm.20 Positions 16
BR Bar cm.22 Positions 17
BR Bar cm.24 Positions 19
BR Bar cm.25 Positions 20
BR Bar cm.28 Positions 22
BR Bar cm.30 Positions 24
BR Bar cm.32 Positions 26
BR Bar cm.35 Positions 28
BR Bar cm.38 Positions 31
BR Bar cm.40 Positions 32
BR Bar cm.42 Positions 34
BR Bar cm.45 Positions 36
BR Bar cm.48 Positions 39
BR Bar cm.50 Positions 41
BR Bar cm.52 Positions 42
BR Bar cm.55 Positions 45
BR Bar cm.58 Positions 47
BR Bar cm.60 Positions 49
BR Bar cm.65 Positions 54
BR Bar cm.70 Positions 58
BR Bar cm.75 Positions 62
BR Bar cm.80 Positions 66