Retail Materials

At The Albex Group, we offer all the products that would make of your store a memorable experience. We started with a few hangers and now we have our own collection of products and have partnered with the most remarkable brands, such as Bonaveri that brings to our catalog the most exclusive mannequins, Mainetti with great legacy in the hangers field and Flatbag that innovated and created the smart paper bag.


While talking sustainability, it is important to offer options that are easy to implement. Our retail accessories are made with recyclable materials, taking care of their resistance and quality. For exhibitions, we will always propose a more sustainable option in terms of materials and execution. And last but not least, our mannequin rental service allows you to have a beautiful exhibition without worrying about having a warehouse and the expenses of buying a new mannequin.


We understand the relevance of the creation of experiences in an environment that is constantly evolving such as retail. Our Production team can execute any idea and bring it to reality and our partners from Brand Creative can create beautiful spaces from just a concept.


Just beautiful ❤️ well done, really! Everyone was very impressed by the quality!

MAF team