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At The Albex Group, we manufacture our own mannequins using our custom moulds in a wide range of styles. We are also able to create custom products for your business if you don’t find what you are looking for in this collection.

You will always find the highest quality on each one of our pieces, along with all the elements that will complement your store, such as heads, hands, legs and all sizes mannequins. Each product can be painted and given the finishing that you need, and don’t worry about the future because we also offer a refurbishing service that will make the mannequins that you already own a new look!

And if you are considering another option, you can always visit our rentals page, where you will find a catalog of pieces that are ideal for events or short term projects. At the Albex Group you can find all types of mannequins in Dubai, GCC and India.

Bonaveri is the Italian mannequin manufacturer by excellence, their creations are the perfect expression of elegance and legacy. With a variety or artistic pieces you can always find the perfect style and pose that will help you tell the right story through your garments.

These mannequins are ideal if you’re looking into a luxury piece or if your garments are high-couture. For those brands and designers who are into sustainability Bonaveri also offers a biodegradable mannequin that will align with your social responsibility goals.

We are the official distributors in the Middle East, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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