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Helping is not all about how much you can give, but of how many people whose hearts
you’ve touched.

Now is a time where a lot of people are denied of proper education, stricken by poverty,
and afflicted with diseases and fighting hunger, with children suffering of malnutrition.

While most of us are comfortable in our homes, properly clothed, well-fed, and properly
cared for, there are those living in cardboard shanties, in worn out clothes, desperately
scavenging for scraps to put food on the table, and basically fighting a battle every single
day to survive. We feel sorry for them, we feel bad for them – but are we doing anything at
all for them?

We might not be able to totally provide education, and eradicate hunger and malnutrition –
we may not have much to give, but doing something no matter how seemingly small, is
better than doing nothing at all.

Maria Cristina Foundation is one of those non-profit organizations which started out of its
Founder’s passion and is now helping educate 600 children and had built several facilities in
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

And believing in its cause, Albex Mannequins & Hangers had made a donation of 20,000
brand new scarves to Maria Cristina Foundation that they will use to make clothes that the
children can use.

You can visit mariacristinafoundation.org for more information about their cause and how
you can help make a child’s dream come true.