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  • Alarm rings
  • Wake up
  • Brush your teeth
  • Quick shower
  • Quick breakfast
  • Get ready
  • Proceed to your daily commute/drive
  • Complain about the traffic
  • Work
  • Lunch
  • Work
  • Finish work
  • Proceed to your daily commute/drive
  • Complain about the traffic
  • Dinner
  • Watch a bit of TV and social media
  • Sleep


These sound all too familiar to most of us because this is how we are 5 days of the week, give or take a few things. We tend to do the same things almost every single day that it has become a routine.


The concept of working from home was exciting – you can sleep in even after your alarm has gone off, not bother about shower, working straight from bed and commuting/driving has been taken out of the equation – at first.


The first week was bliss. Then came the second. Then the third. Now on the fourth and the feeling of being cut off from the outside world is driving us up the wall.


And in our state of utter boredom, we ask ourselves – what have we learned so far?




Think again.


  1. Appreciating the things we had overlooked


Now we miss the agony of choosing the perfect OOTD. We miss the hassles of the daily commute or driving. We miss going to our favorite restaurant and ordering our meal NOT from an app for delivery. Suddenly, the things we used to complain about are the same things we now miss.


Simple activities like watching a movie or having coffee with friends and going to the beach or to the mall are now considered small luxuries.


A simple handshake, a hug, a kiss, and even breathing – without fear – we miss all that.


  1. Stopping and smelling the flowers


Now, there are no more rushed meals. Every meal is appreciated and every morsel is taken with gusto. Stale and cold tea or coffee is now out of the equation because you now have the time to enjoy every sip while reading your favorite book or watching your new series.


No more quick showers. We now take our sweet time in the shower belting out our favorite songs or simply just enjoy the burst of ideas that come            into our minds under the warm water – taking a mental note to write them all down after.


  1. Unlocking creativity


Boredom had pushed us to look for things to do so now have the time for some spring cleaning, or repainting the walls, or trying a new recipe. We now have the time to do the things that we had planned to do but had shelved because we didn’t have the time.


  1. A crash course into financial management


In this trying time, most had realized the value of saving for the rainy days. We now know that we have to know where and what we invest on because sometimes, the things that we consider an investment will turn into a liability. We will emerge from this with a deep understanding of how important it is to manage finances and expenditures wisely.


  1. Proving that indeed, mothers know best


Somehow, we’ve started to realize  the importance of taking care of our health. We’ve taken on a healthier approach towards our diet and lifestyle – all with the aim of boosting our immune system. We now know that handwashing isn’t just our mothers coming up with an excuse to say something just because they’re bored.


  1. Forging and renewing familial bonds


Working from home means getting the chance to spend more time with the family and share every meal with them. It also means spending more time knowing yourself and what you want.


Indeed the pandemic had left grief and damage in its wake with conspiracy theories in tow.


Once this is all over, let us consider it a fresh lease to life with a renewed outlook towards everything around us.