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Give it your 100% or give nothing at all.


This is what we, The Albex Group, live for. We work in an industry that needs to reflect the new trends by combining functionality with aesthetics and providing solutions to seemingly impossible feats is part of our DNA.


We are very lucky to say that we work with the best companies in the region – for example, Majid Al Futtaim.


The Concept


The Albex team was tasked to execute their first concept pop-up store “Something like THAT”, and we couldn’t be any happier with the outcome! The creative minds of MAF had conceptualized a store design that is a unique fusion of eclectic pieces that Albex had been honored to bring into reality.


And while Dubai is known as a shopping hub and being home to some of the biggest shopping malls, “THAT” has to be different from all the other stores. Industrial and urban. It is not your typical white-countertops-and-immaculate-clothing-racks type of store and while the “WHAT” of the execution is clear, the “HOW” was a bit challenging.

The Execution


The Albex team, in coordination with the MAF team, had spent hours and days poring over the plans. Making sure that the materials used and the outcome will not just be aesthetically appealing but fully functional as well, and the materials to be used not only quality, but also sustainable.

Inside the store, GI sheets lined one side of the wall and where the clothing racks should be, scaffolding pipes were in place.


Unpainted hollow blocks replaced the cash register table also the far end of the wall. The shelves were made of chip wood and organic moss were used.


Rubber flooring was also used, avoiding the hassle of a hard to maintain carpet, and the dangers of slippery tiled floor.


Another interesting aspect of the store is the addition of chillers in the display window, replacing the usual shelves and podiums.


The store is designed to make it “less fragile” for the customers to touch and “less intimidating” for people to come in and have a look and see the curio that is “That” store.




Who would have known that we would face a much bigger problem after completing the project. Luckily, the project was completed right before the lockdown, thanks to the amazing team that made sure that the project was finished even before the scheduled handover.


When you get the time, visit “THAT” store in the 2nd Level of the Mall of the Emirates and see this amazing project for yourself!