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Gone were the days where mannequins look the same – because what matters is that they do what they are supposed to do – show how clothes are worn. Mannequins are also stereotyped as tall, skinny, with small waist.


Over the years however, they had evolved into something more diverse in terms of position, size, type, and color. It had also adapted to the niche of a particular brand.


Now that health and fitness have become part of our lifestyle, our shopping habits have been influenced as well. Athleisure has become our go-to outfit while working from home and sport brands are taking this shift in habits as an opportunity. Also, they are keeping in mind topics that resonate with people, especially with the youth, such as inclusivity, diversity, women empowerment and sustainability.


Let us take for example sports brands.


Nowadays, mannequins are no longer a one-size-fits-all-affair and they tend to properly represent the brand. Sports brands target the active market – showing more muscles, sinew, and movements and a regular mannequin used for daily fashion would not make the cut. Hence, the sports mannequins.


How are they different from the regular mannequins:


  • The Albex Group has a full collection of active mannequins that will definitely showcase various activities of your choice; from yoga to football, to even soccer and basketball – and don’t forget golf.
  • No sporty look is complete without the muscles and the abs and no other mannequin can do justice to this other than the sports mannequins.


Which brands are using sports mannequins?


Basically, all athleisure brands! Among our clients for mannequins in Dubai, and in some other places, you can find Lululemon, Sun and Sands Sports, Nike, Vans, Columbia, Timberland, Under Armour, Athletes & Co., Beverly Hills Polo Club and more. Mere hangers or regular mannequins would not do these outfits justice.

Lululemon Al Zahia Sharjah

Lululemon Al Zahia Sharjah


Some, if not most brands are stating a clear posture that is being integrated to its brand DNA and therefore reflected in our overall shopping experiences. This can be done in different ways, from social media content to the display in the physical store. If you walk, for example, inside the new Adidas flagship store at Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE, you will find different types of mannequins that will resemble normal people like you and me, showing that they have really embraced inclusivity.


In the era of information, we cannot keep offering general solutions, we need to personalize every item that we sell so that it really solves for the needs of each customer. To do that we need to understand their lifestyle, what they like and their objectives, so that we can provide solutions that really help them. If having a fitness lifestyle is trendy right now then as suppliers, we need to switch to that mindset as well. But the fitness space is not the only one where this is happening, just take a look at sustainability and the way it has changed customer behavior. If you want to know more about our journey on this topic you can read our blog post here .


Now you know that at The Albex Group, you can find all types of mannequins. You can visit our showroom and find all the options or call us at +971 4 5149070, we will be happy to help!