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We are launching our Albex Contracting vertical that integrates a team of architects, project managers, civil engineers and 3D visuals/graphic designers to execute fit-out, architectural design, interior design, shopfitting, retail design and project management services.

Store renovations, pop-up creations and more, can now be found in our portfolio and can be brought to reality at any scale.

We have done different fit-out projects in the last months for very well-known brands in the region such as the concept store “Something Like That” for Majid Al Futtaim, which we had also featured here before, but today we want to share with you our latest contracting project.

We worked on a pop-up store for LEGO located at City Centre Al Zahia in Sharjah, UAE and it being a worldwide known brand (well, who doesn’t know Lego?), represented a milestone for our team, especially because of the following interesting facts about the project:

1. First ever LEGO store in the emirate of Sharjah
2. First ever LEGO Pop-up concept store in the entire UAE
3. First ever LEGO store with the Arabic signage in UAE

Lego store in Sharjah, UAE

A LEGO store has built a strong presence over the years across the globe, and being given the chance to execute one of their stores is a major milestone for us as a company. LEGO as a brand has a strong visual impact because of its vibrant colors and shapes that awakens not just children’s but adults’ creativity as well.

Lego store in Sharjah

Logistics and organization played a big role in the successful execution of the project. A site visit took place to determine and get a clear view of the space which materials are suitable and the next steps are planned – and then the plans and concept had jumped from the drawing board and were set into motion.

Yellow had been the signature color for LEGO and it is from here that the concept and shades of the store were based. The color matching process was a challenge as the same paint color can look different depending on the material it is painted on – from the walls to the counters and the signages around the mall.

Communication not just within the team but with the client and the mall management as well had played an important role in the project as every task needs to be approved before the execution and before the execution, documents and permits has to be procured. Each hurdle was met with careful evaluation on the brief and thoughtful and timely implementation with apt solutions.

For every project, we dive into the brand’s personality and this one was no exception, it was a youthful fun project full of exciting moments! Just think how often do you work with a life-sized LEGO Darth Vader that will guide shoppers to the store? By the way, do you know how big these figures are? Well, let’s just say that transporting them is not as easy as you might think. The store and its bright colors along with the block design were so edgy and appealing that anyone stepping in is immediately taken in with a feeling of youthful joy and exuberance.

Lego store in Sharjah

It was a very satisfying and rewarding experience when the project was complete, especially due to the rave reviews and feedbacks that we received from many who visited the store in person. Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think!

If you have a fit-out project in mind, contact us, our team will be ready to tackle any challenge to bring your concept to reality!

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