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What is a fit-out project?


Fit-out projects and renovations are basically giving a space a makeover or facelift to make it suitable for a specific purpose. In our case we do these projects for all types of retail, from supermarkets and pharmacies to luxury fashion brands stores. All projects are different, from the concept to materials, and that is why each one requires personalized attention. The goal for each one is different, and the image is customized according to the experience they need to offer to clients, reflecting their brand at all times.

fit-out project for something like that store

One of our values as a company is that we like to support each one of our clients, especially when they are in the process of building a new dream. Fit-out projects are no exception, and when we start working on of these, we basically become an extension of our client’s company because of our team’s and theirs’ joint efforts to execute all tasks properly and perfectly on time.

Albex work on site


How do we do it?


Having structure, a plan and lots of energy is key before starting. Once we have these ready, we can proceed to the next steps:


  1. It all starts with the clients’ vision and concept – or we can translate their vision into something achievable
  2. Our team will visit the space along with the client
  3. We will identify the tasks that need to be performed to achieve our goal
  4. We separate tasks and each one becomes a project on its own
  5. We search for the right materials and suppliers
  6. Approval of designs, ideas and materials
  7. Execution starts (time to hustle)
  8. Revisions and more revisions
  9. Handover day! (yey! happiest day!)


It might seem easy, but each project requires the highest level of attention to detail and impeccable organization skills and you need not just be efficient but effective as well as every minute counts.


render that by albex


Why is it difficult?


There are a lot of challenges that we face along the project, for example:


  • Working hours: construction normally happens at night or after mall hours, but the rest of the team works during the day – so finding the time to convene and discuss is a challenge
  • Finding the highest quality materials while keeping in mind cost-effectivity is not an easy task and many things can play against us at times. Imagine having to coordinate deliveries with each supplier that can be in different location!
  • Coordinating different teams at the same time while each one is working on a different task can be a challenge, but communication as always, is key. In the end, we all share a common goal, delivering the best space for our clients.


These challenges may be difficult but they surely take us to an amazing journey of turning our client’s visions into a reality. It is difficult, true – but as the saying goes, if you worked hard for it, you will appreciate it more.


Why do we love it?


Every fit-out project is like a baby for us because we see it from the moment it is born as a concept until the day it transforms into a beautiful space and handing over the store after the renovation journey is so rewarding! Then, our favorite part happens when we see people visiting the store, liking what they see and getting the shopping experience that was planned for them from the very beginning.


If you think about it, you have been part of many fit-out projects even if you don’t work in the retail industry directly. How? Well, we all have visited a store at least once and now you know that each one of them goes through a fit-out process and guess what? You, as a client, have the final word because the whole concept was created to satisfy your needs.


We hope that from now on, every time you walk into a store you will remember that all the details that are present were specifically chosen for that particular space while thinking of you. And of course, let us know if you are looking for a team to bring your dream store into a reality! Send us a message, we will be more than happy to help!


Front of Something Like That concept store in Mall of the Emirates