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If you want to take a look at the future, you should definitely visit Dubai, a city that is always ahead on innovation and technology. Aligned with the vision of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Museum of the Future opened it’s doors on 22nd February, 2022 creating excitement among the tourists and residents of the city. For the grand opening, a video of a spaceship entering the museum generated interest among the people. – Is it real? – Is it a museum or a space center? By the way, these questions will pop up in your mind a couple of times while you explore the Museum!

nature at the museum of the future

Located in the Financial District of Dubai, the Museum invites its visitors to explore the future through a very unique architecture and lots of interactive features. As the name indicates, the exhibition is based on a forecast of the future, starting with the universe, continuing with nature and finishing with an interpretation of the human mind.  The Museum even has an area dedicated to relaxation because in the future our emotions will still be the key to make better decisions (just the way it should be now!).

Mannequin future

This project is definitely a milestone for Dubai, its construction took approximately two years and it is now considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the UAE. The Museum has obviously made it to the list of places to not miss while you visit Dubai and that is the reason why at Albex we are really proud of being part of it. Our mannequins made it to the future and now they can be seen at the exhibition showcasing the latest wearable technologies (just look at the pictures!).

Mannequins at the museum of the future

As we always say, mannequins are the silent actors of retail and this time is not an exception. Who would have guessed that you could find mannequins at an exhibition about the future? It is not a surprise that one of the easiest ways to promote something is to make it relatable to people, and guess what? Mannequins are a replica of humans, so they are ideal for the task! Remember that you can create an amazing customer experience with the right display. Contact us today at +971 4 5149070 or visit our showroom located at 501 Prime tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. Our team will be happy to guide you so that you make the best retail decisions.

mannequin at the museum of the future