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A new health concept from Aqua Pharmacy, focused now on sports and wellness; Aqua Atom opened its first store at Town Centre Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE. The store becomes a must-see shop to those who love bikes and skateboards and needed a place where they could find nutritional supplements, accessories and the vehicle itself! Their experience allows them to make the best recommendations for an audience that loves to stay active!

The project is very ambitious as they plan to open another three stores in the upcoming months, and for us it is definitely a milestone to have been selected to execute the fit-out project. Our goal was to make a smart use of the space, being our first task to demolish a wall to create a more effective warehouse, which door also serves as a shelf to place more products.  Planogram optimization was key as well, since the products needed to be placed according to the different categories they offer, from shoes, skateboards and supplements to beauty and hygiene products. The different shelves give the personnel from AquaAtom the freedom to play with placement according to seasonality.


In terms of interior design, we opted for a white background for all shelves so that all customers can appreciate the products. Our materials selection was done to give a clean yet natural look that would match the color palette of Aqua Atom. Among the materials, we can find wood, aluminum and glass shelves, and a wooden platform for the bikes’ section. The entrance of the shop needed to give a general view of the offering to the customer, so we decided to maintain an open space. To enhance the shopping experience, we added a touch-screen display that allows clients to explore the offering from outside the store, which along with the sales personnel create a memorable visit.


Being in charge of the brand’s guidelines, we also suggested the logo application for the different sales tools such as shopping bags, business cards and even a van. The logo includes an atom, which guarantees a differentiator that will make the brand recognizable. Soon, you will be able to see AquaAtom all around Dubai and we are sure that you will feel very satisfied with the concept.

We wish the Aqua Atom family all the success and appreciate the opportunity to work on such an amazing project! We will keep you updated on the next openings!

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