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In order to stay on top, you have to be a step ahead of your game. In this case, two to three steps were taken.

Hans Boodt, the world’s leading mannequin designer and manufacturer is on a constant mission to take sports a fashionably stylish step further. They’ve done it countless of times before and are bound to do it again, this time in launching their Fashion Sports Collection.

Sports has evolved throughout the years and it had managed to ease its way into our daily lives and had somehow managed to influence fashion and lifestyle. Almost every fashion brand nowadays carry their own sports collection, and had carved a niche into the retail industry.

The new Hans Boodt Fashion Sports collection had broken the traditional notion about sports by creating a contemporary look with a lot of attitude – cool, relaxed, stylish. It took an awful lot of research before Hans Boodt came up with the perfect and proportional sizes that’s both functional and fashionable.

All Hans Boodt mannequins share the same unique DNA: innovative, creative, Dutch, rebellious and young. The company’s vision is to use innovation and inspiration to be the authority in the shop window mannequin world. Their mission is to be the most desired ‘made to measure’ mannequin company in the fashion world. Not by simply creating mannequins but by creating characters.

Indeed, with Hans Boodt mannequins, everything is possible and the options are limitless. And you can get yours now by contacting or visiting Albex Design & Display.