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From an outsider’s point of view, all mannequins look the same. I mean, you would think that they only wear clothes and be on display all day, but in reality, there is more to them than meets the eye.

And choosing the right mannequin for your store front can be a bit tricky too because not all mannequins are created equal – and they come with their own stories too!

In 1814, the first mannequin – torso with a tiny waist –  was first showcased in Paris and designed only to wear dresses. It was only until after more or less a century in the 20’s when mannequins started looking like dolls with facial features and expressions. In the 60’s, Adel Rootstein, a mannequin designer and creator of a replica of the supermodel Twiggy, gave mannequins the look that we all know of today and revolutionized the industry. In the 80’s, mannequins had started donning wigs and normalized the use of mannequins in stores.

Twiggy by Adel Rootstein


Today, the mannequin industry had evolved into its own niche and had conformed with the biggest trend that everyone is trying to keep up to date – technology and sustainability.


Why Technology?

The use of technology proves to be of a huge advantage, especially now, where customer experience is a priority. The Albex Group have partnered with great technology developers to provide our clients with the latest tools that will help them innovate their marketing campaigns, such as holographic displays, contact-free shopping (perfect to maintain social distancing), smart shelves to measure the performance of new product lines and interactive mirrors capable of detecting emotions!

Also, did you know that there is a mannequin robot that is able to adjust its size as needed? Isn’t that cool or what?

Woman using the Magic Mirror in a supermarket

Magic mirror by H-Ventures & VSBLTY


Why Sustainability?

What happens to the mannequins after they are deemed outdated and needs replacement? Sadly, most of them end up in landfills since recycling them is not easy and this pose as a great threat to the environment.

Which is why we, at The Albex Group, have been incorporating different solutions into our portfolio:

  • Mannequin rental service
  • Refurbishing services
  • Sustainable mannequins
  • Technology displays that substitute mannequins



Bonaveri, had created a line of fully biodegradable mannequins made from BPlast and painted with BPaint, making them totally eco-friendly as the materials used were produced with a significantly reduced CO2 emission. So not only are they beautiful and luxurious but also created with deep respect for the environment. That’s what we call beauty with substance and the best part is that you can find these mannequins in Dubai because we partnered with Bonaveri.

Sustainable mannequin by Bonaveri



For start-up brands, and for pop-up events, rental is the best option since it not only saves them space but also money. Why buy and spend a lot of money when you only need them for a couple of days? And what will you do with them after the event?



So, let’s take for instance, you have old mannequins and you want to give them a new look – refurbishing them is the best way to go! You did not only give your mannequins a fresh breath of life, but you had also helped the planet a great deal by keeping the fiberglass and plastic debris out of landfills.

Mannequin refurbishing process


As you just read, there is always a chance and an opportunity to keep innovating and the retail industry is the perfect canvas for all of these solutions. We invite you to chat with us so we can design the ideal retail strategy that will, of course, include sustainability and technology to take your brand to the next level!

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