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In a time where avoiding crowded places is necessary and keeping distance is a must, we can’t help but wonder – with what is considered as the “new normal”, what is going to happen to the retail industry?


The supposed “new normal” includes but is not limited to:

  • Observing social distancing, which means the number of individuals allowed in any given space at any given time, is limited
  • Before anything comes in contact with your skin, mouth, nose, and eyes has to be properly washed and sanitized
  • Everyone is conscious about the things that they touch – I bet most of us have drier than dry hands because of too much use of alcohol and disinfectants
  • Borders had closed and travel has been curtailed
  • Temperature checks in establishments
  • Mandatory use of face mask in public places
  • …and the list goes on


As in any other difficult situation, the one who quickly adapts wins the competition, hence – only the one with great strategy survives.


We have seen different brands adopting a set of procedures that principally involve technology and of course e-commerce, but when your brand depends on the physical experience, you need to integrate a more advanced customer experience.


We know that brick and mortar stores are not having their best moment, but here comes the pop-up concept.


What is a Pop-up Store?


The main characteristic of this type of store is that is designed to last only for a few months, which allows them to have eccentric concepts that are planned with short-term objectives in mind. And, in times of uncertainty, what’s better than short-term planning?



The Advantage


Designing a pop-store also means less costs than opening a normal store, as well as a higher marketing impact. In addition, it gives you the chance of testing concepts, products, and even displays. Pop-up stores are created with the objective of leaving a mark on people’s minds which immediately translates into a stronger online presence on social media.


Speaking about neuromarketing, the mental effect of knowing that something will only last for a few months is beneficial for the retail industry as it subconsciously creates a “need” to get something while it lasts. If you are lucky or creative enough to have conceptualized a unique and Instagram-worthy space, people would then find themselves drawn to your shop with the ‘Gram in mind.


Something Like That


One perfect example of this concept is the store called “Something Like That”, that had opened its doors at Mall of the Emirates right after the lockdown.


The eclectic bits and pieces create that industrial/urban vibe, and the unexpected fusion of items that you will never think will go well together, adds to its charm. The best part is that the amazing concept will be constantly renewed, and the brand’s creative minds stop at nothing to give nothing but only the best customer experience.

Something like THAT store Mall of the Emirates

What now?


Stop fighting change. There is more to visual merchandising than just sticking to what is considered “safe” and “conventional”.


Pop-up stores are becoming the safe choice for retailers and the perfect space to showcase the latest retail technology as well. It’s time for brands to invest in Virtual and Augmented reality, smart shelves and displays as these are great ways of making yourself aware of what your customers want in a fun and interestingly dynamic way.


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