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Green Earth Lux, is a luxury laundry service in Jeddah in the KSA. We feel that this is worth sharing because they incorporate sustainable practices into their business model.

Green Earth Lux

Green Earth Lux in the KSA

They started using bio detergents with every garment going through a meticulous process and a specialized treatment that after the service, your used garment looks as good as new! The before and after photos on their IG stories will satisfy the OCD in you!

The next part of the cycle, is coming up with sustainable options that will replace some of the materials used:

  • Hangers
  • Gown covers
  • Detergents
  • Water usage
  • Electricity
  • Plastic bags

Substituting these items means, in most cases, a higher expense. A company’s inability to switch to sustainable means is mainly caused by the additional expenses that come with the switch. This is when they contacted Albex India, and together, they’ve ventured into the quest for the ideal eco-friendly retail products that will both save the earth while staying within their budget.

Our offer included hangers, mannequins, bags and garment covers, and its sustainable versions as well, but none of them were ideal for Green Earth Lux. We needed to develop a new line of products that would look sophisticated while staying eco-friendly, a mix that is hard to achieve, but definitely not impossible.

We’ve come up with paper gown covers, paper bags, and carboard hangers that are sturdy, but made out of highly recyclable materials. These three products did not just meet the client’s budget but met the brand DNA, adding a more luxurious and exclusive feel towards the services they offer.

Sustainable hangers at Green Earth Lux

Sustainable hangers at Green Earth Lux

We’ve never thought that luxury and sustainability would meet eye to eye. But Green Earth Lux had proven that with careful planning, it can be possible. More than just providing high class and quality service, they’ve also taken a step to educate the customers about sustainability and how a small gesture can help change the world if done collectively.

Envisioning your business to Go Green needs a careful reconsideration about your whole supply chain. It might seem more complicated than the usual process that we are used to, but thinking about the long-term effect, it’s worth it. You will enjoy the benefits of recycling and won’t depend on incentivized consumerism in order to be more profitable, which automatically gives you a huge advantage vs. your competitors.

We always have to remember, that what we do today will affect the future generations to come.

Albex will be more than happy to hear from you! Let us know your comments, suggestions, or let us know if you have any question of how to plan a sustainable brand!