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We decided to combine two of our favorite sources of inspiration, fashion and art, to create a few mannequin designs inspired by great works of art. This fusion made sense because a mannequin is like a canvas that is always ready to be dressed and to express the vision of a designer, so why not to do the same with a different type of art?


This is our interpretation of art from the retail point of view and we had so much fun creating it. We are creative people who love and have a great eye for aesthetics and sometimes working on a different design line helps us find different ways to solve for the everyday tasks.  We know that our mannequins can and have been used for different purposes and we believe that any collaboration is possible, I mean we just mixed art, fashion and sports in one picture, and it works!


We searched for the ideal pose from our collections to match with the style of each painting and we are pretty happy with the results. For example, Kandinsky needed a mannequin with an abstract pose that would reflect his balanced chaos, and that is why a female mannequin from our Stardust collection turned out to be the perfect one. For the Starry Night of Van Gogh, we wanted to make a statement, and a male torso would be a great canvas. On the other hand, our baby mannequin would add a touch of innocence to the Two Cherubs by Raphael.



As mannequins are a replica of people, we could potentially integrate more into different artworks, so please feel free to send us your favorite painting (you could be the artist as well!) so that we can continue with this project. Also, for all the visual merchandisers out there, we know that your creativity doesn’t have limits and finding inspiration is always helpful. So how about taking a look at this initiative and integrate it in one of your windows? We can only imagine how cool it would look.


Together we can come up with great ideas and hearing different perspectives is always so powerful, so contact us to let us know your thoughts on this! You can call us at +97145149070 or visit us at Prime Tower 501, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.