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Mannequins are an interpretation of reality, they were initially created to fit fashion requirements, but just in the same way that fashion evolved, so did they. They come now in different poses and with unique characteristics, ones are realistic, and others are completely abstract. Then, it is fair to ask, how do I choose the ideal mannequin?


Before doing so, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Where is the mannequin going to be placed?
  • What is the mannequin going to be wearing?
  • What is the mannequin’s purpose?
  • Who is your audience?


Once you have answered those questions, take a look at our glossary on mannequins which will guide you towards the right one!




  • Ghost mannequins

This is the ideal mannequin if you have an e-commerce platform because it facilitates the edition of your pictures so that your garments are the star of the show. A ghost mannequin can be disassembled according to the item that you want it to wear and the reason behind its name is that the mannequin is supposed to not be seen and clothes would look as if they are floating.



  • Sports mannequins

These mannequins are great to inspire people to start working out! You can find all types of bodies, with muscles, in a bigger size, etc, because c’mon! We can all work out! (if we really want to…). These mannequins come in athletic poses and are ideal to showcase products for different activities such as soccer, yoga, golf, etc.



  • Sartorial mannequin

Ideal for fashion designers and for high couture garments because they can be used as busts or as a full mannequin. Their shape allows tailored items to look absolutely gorgeous due to its body type. A great option for sartorial mannequins is the Bonaveri collection, handmade with the finest materials, that will give your fashion brand a sophisticated timeless look.



  • Accessories

If you are selling accessories, lingerie, jewelry or shoes, it is very clear that you need to highlight their best characteristics, and to do so you need a specific mannequin. For example, if you are offering hats then you need a mannequin head, and that is why we have a wide offering of hands, legs, heads, and more, that are specifically created to make your items look amazing.



  • Fashion mannequins

These can be used for different purposes as they have the standard fashion size and come in different poses that can fit the requirements of every situation. The great thing about our mannequins is that you can personalize them by choosing color, pose, finishing, and more.



We know that the mannequin scene doesn’t seem big but that’s why we have a team of experts that will guide you to find the best mannequin for you and your brand! At Albex we have many collections that include female, male and kids mannequins; and we are sure that you will find the ideal one if you give us a call +97145149070 or send us an email info@thealbexgroup.com.