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Admit it, sometimes, we get bored with the usual boy-meets-girl-and-they-live-happily-ever-after movie plots, and we want to take a break from the gore and heartaches of watching our favourite characters die in the Game of Thrones.

We want something light – but not lull us to sleep. We want something fresh – not the same concept recycled over and over. We want something that would make us hold on to the edge of our seats.

Thanks to Hollywood’s creative and brilliant minds, new concepts and storylines were introduced into mainstream media, and new stars were introduced. Indeed, fresh faces – young, old, and mannequins were launched. Yes, you read it right. Mannequins.

Aside from being a store window display staple, mannequins indeed had evolved through the years. Hollywood had noticed the potential and had been featuring mannequins on the big screen for years, and sometimes even playing the lead role.

Delores in The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is a popular new series on Netflix. The series tells the story of six super-humans, trying to stop the impending apocalypse and being forced to deal with their past and solve the mysterious death of their adoptive father.

In the series, one of the travelers – Five – travels through time to the post-apocalypse and realizes that he is the only person left alive. He then bonds and falls in love with a mannequin called Delores.

Delores is portrayed as being the motivation that keeps Five going to try and get back to the past and warn his family about the apocalypse. Once back in the past, Five breaks into the store where he originally found Delores to steal her again. Thereafter he is often seen having conversations, and even arguments with Delores.

Mannequins in horror movies

No matter how beautifully dressed, at night and after the lights are out, mannequins can be give you a fright. And Hollywood had capitalized in this big time.

A mannequin had played a small bit in the 1935 horror film Mad Love where a mad scientist bought a wax figure of a woman he is obsessed with.

The next worthwhile mention is an episode on The Twilight Zone called The After Hours that was played in 1960. It showed department store mannequins coming to life after the lights were out and the doors were closed. They take turns going out and experiencing the world outside the confines of the store.

Even Doctor Who featured mannequins in one of their episodes. In Spearhead from Space mannequins come to life and wants to take over the earth. And they plan to do this by shooting death rays from their hands. Yikes.

Admit it, at one point in your life, you closed the door to your room then slowly open it to spy on your dolls and toy soldiers and see if they come to life when you’re not around.

Falling in love with a mannequin

In the 1987 romantic-comedy film Mannequin, a mannequin maker fell in love with a mannequin he assembled.

The sad part though – she only comes alive whenever they are alone.

It was one of the top grossing movies that time which prompted producers to do a sequel of the movie: Mannequin on the Move.

Soon enough, mannequins would be the next big thing in Hollywood. And the good thing about them? They never complain.