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Gone are the days where mannequins were only used for retail display purposes. Through the years, the modern use of mannequins has ingeniously evolved from donning garments and gracing storefronts, to something more utilitarian.

In the US State of Arizona, mannequins are dressed up in traffic police uniforms holding up radar guns to keep an eye on speeding vehicles and curb unruly and reckless driving. This move was initiated by the Tucson Police Department to raise and encourage safe driving, especially in accident-prone areas.

If you’re a fan of horror flicks, you will be pleased with Japan’s innovative but macabre use of old mannequin heads propped on long sticks. Japanese scarecrows, kakshi, occupy a long history in farming culture and this modern version didn’t disappoint in its goal to scare off birds that are the bane of every farmer’s existence.

Mannequins are also useful in the medical field. They serve as simulators for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR and other healthcare related trainings. Automobile manufacturers use crash test dummies to calculate impact and biomechanics in vehicle safety and seating design.

Mannequins have a long history and have evolved through time in terms of material, design, and use.