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Companies nowadays use a hundred and one ways to promote their products and services. From fancy advertisements and commercials to event sponsorships – the options are seemingly endless!

In the retail industry, Visual Merchandising plays a significant role in influencing customers in making that split second decision of whether or not they check out your store or just skip it altogether.

An excellent way to grab attention and turn heads towards your direction, is the use of mannequins strategically placed on your shop front. Mannequins are basically the first communicators of the brand giving an overview of what to expect the moment that they step inside the store.

Store displays can be successful in driving traffic, footfall and sales when utilised properly.

Elevate Your Retail Aesthetic & Guest Experience

Given that mannequins are the first point of contact for customers to experience the brand, they should adequately reflect the interior design of the store and enhance the ambience experienced in store. For this reason, mannequins are carefully crafted by skilled sculptors to allow the mannequins themselves to communicate with the customers, making them envision themselves wearing the same garment.

Mannequins help create fashion inspiration – a look book, minus the actual human model – showcasing how a garment is worn. For instance, sportswear has recently evolved and become a part of mainstream fashion where almost every brand now has their own athletics or sports collection that are not just comfortable, but also fashionably so. This is the era where you don’t have to sacrifice comfort over fashion or the other way around.

As sport brands have collaborated with designers to introduce more fashionable clothing items such as cat suits and one-shouldered tennis outfits instance. These new trends have been introduced through heavy social media coverage; however, to a buyer that is unfamiliar with the latest trends, mannequins are an effective way of displaying looks fresh off the runway.

Bespoke Mannequins For Your Brand

Visual Merchandising has evolved in such a way that mannequins had also evolved from the usual skinny, statuesque physique to a more rounded and full figure. Straight standing mannequins to more active poses, even the tall and muscular male mannequins are now created with a slight paunch.

Mannequins are meant to make customers identify themselves with your products – connect and not intimidate.

Working only with the best in the industry, Albex breaks all stereotypes and works hard to reflect the active modern lifestyle.

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