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Last week our team visited Düsseldorf, Germany to attend one of the most expected events in the retail industry, the Euroshop 2020. For 5 days, people from all over the world gather to present the latest trends on retail and display, and to connect with those who share the passion for this industry. Of course, our team and Mr. DXB had to be there!

Albex in Euroshop 2020

With exhibitors from every continent and products that hasn’t been seen in stores yet, Euroshop represents a good opportunity for us to help our clients stay relevant in terms of technology and aesthetics. It’s also a source of inspiration while gathering the most creative minds from the visual merchandising industry.

What are the new trends that we spotted?

– Sustainability: more relevant than ever, biodegradable materials are becoming part of many brand’s DNA and that makes us really happy. Fixtures, mannequins and any display can be manufactured under sustainable processes. We fell in love with this mannequin!

Eco friendly mannequin

– Technology: augmented reality is here to stay, offering a new solution to our customers. Imagine being able to customize your shop across different seasons in a very easy and sophisticated way? (we’ll give you more detail later 😏)

– Storytelling: Products that tell stories win, and mannequins are no exception. Just take a second to appreciate this tribute to the supermodel Twiggy!

Twiggy mannequins

– Sophistication: our partner Mainetti is always leading with elegance, but what’s amazing is that they keep incorporating sustainability to their pieces. We couldn’t ask for more quality!

– Diversity: uniqueness is what we all have in common and as retailers is important to reflect this in our products. During Euroshop we confirmed that options are infinite!

Diverse mannequins

– Realism: details matter, especially while recreating a human body. This one looks incredibly real right? No wonder why Hans Boodt received an honorable mention for their amazing XL stand this year!

Hans Boodt mannequin

What did we learn?

Imagination has no limits and with the available tools in the market we can create a whole different universe in any space. Just think about the way visual merchandising was being executed in the past, without access to such amazing tools but still having amazing outcomes. Now with these options and the talent and creativity of our team we will keep surprising our customers and their clients as well.

See you in Euroshop 2023!