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Retail Online Training will make your life easier!

There’s no doubt that online training is here to stay, especially because of how convenient it is for employees, but for companies as well. Having the possibility of learning anywhere and anytime is just amazing and that’s why we’ve partnered with Business Success Tools. They developed an e-learning platform for retail staff at different levels, from retail managers to merchandisers. The beauty of it is that it’s designed with dynamic fun graphics while bringing the experience of Shashank Jani, who has been in the retail industry for over 30 years.

Let’s think about what new employees expect to get when they join a company, most of them will mention “receiving training”, which is actually convenient for both, the company and them. If you keep training them, their performance will be constantly improving, which translates into more sales, and who doesn’t want that? Using the BST platform will allow teams to test their current performance and get reports about their results, and today is imperative to have different metrics to make the best business decisions.

There are 3 programs:

  • Super Star Sales Course: designed for individuals and sales team, they will get soft skills training and behavioral change occurs as part of selling mastery. The course is ENGAGING. EFFICIENT. EFFORTLESS. EFFECTIVE. It’s a Retail Sales training ecosystem that produces results, month after month, year after year.
  • Freedom Sales System: crafter for the store manager who is facing difficult times due to COVID-19. After this course, he will get the Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to perform his role and get the best from his team. By the end of the program, the Store Manager becomes competent in all areas of managing People, Productivity and Processes.
  • Retail Merchandising and Buying Mastery: designed for new planners and merchandisers, they will learn to apply retail math formulas to everyday merchandising activities and have full understanding of all the business activities involved in planning and procuring goods and services from vendors; pricing, positioning, presenting, packaging, promoting and ultimately selling those goods to the target consumer.

After having been in the retail industry for so long, we have spotted different development opportunities for people and this is a clear one, to offer an option for staff to keep growing professionally. This tool is made for small, medium and big teams; and it can be transferred to different members of the team, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy different packages. Also, we have a bundle package that can be customized from 14 courses with the topics that align to the goals that your company has set. This service can also be adapted to your on-boarding process, you just select the courses that the new people joining your team need to take and they will be ready to start. This guarantees that they will be in line with your requirements.

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What’s the first step? Start by asking your team (and yourself) to take the quizzes that we provide! It’s an excellent way to recognize where your people are standing, and what steps need to be taken in order to achieve the level that is desired. Once you join the courses you will be able to revisit them as often as you want, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace. We’re also in the last stage of the app development, which will make the learning process even easier for you.

Remember that your company is as weak as your least prepared sales associate, and we know you want them all to be strong because they are the face of your brand. Give them the tools they need and do it in a convenient way. In our courses they will learn difficult topics such as retail math, in a fun and easy way that will make them become passionate about the topic. We guarantee you that you will see a noticeable improvement once they have finished their training, enroll your team today!

Contact us to learn more about how we can personalize the courses specifically for your company!