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During our time in the industry, we have done visual merchandising projects and have worked with brilliant VMs as well. In that department, we know creativity rules, but creating an impactful exhibition also requires a lot of planning and expertise, especially when it comes to the execution. In case you are not aware, visual merchandisers are the ones responsible for making you feel attracted to this or that product whenever you visit a store. They know the retail space and understand how the customers navigate it, so if you are planning to open a store, we highly recommend you include a visual merchandiser in your team.

To understand more, let’s talk about the execution of a visual merchandising strategy:

  1. You need a concept to start, meaning choosing the theme that will define your retail space.
  2. Once you have a concept, you can proceed to the creation of a planogram that will reflect your store space as well as the “hot areas” or where you customer stops the most, aka the places where you will display your key product.
  3. Always keep in mind the objectives of the brand so that you can help to achieve them through your product placement plan.
  4. Details matter and by that, we mean every single one, from flooring and walls to the types of hangers and mannequins that you will choose.
  5. It’s layout time! And once it’s placed you can start displaying the products according to your planogram.
  6. Last details, from dressing your mannequins to making sure everything in the store works properly.
  7. The moment we were waiting for, time to impact your clients!

All of these steps might seem easy, but it is not, just ask any VM you know and you will notice they really work a lot. Thinking about them, we knew it was time for innovation for visual merchandising and we found Insync. They developed a series of life-changing fixtures and we partnered with them. They are an Indian company that has won many awards due to their innovative and functional tools. For example, they made it simple to change wall layouts inside a store without needing a contractor, as doing it is the equivalent to a physical drag and drop of panels.

visual merchandising exhibition

They know their business really well, so they were aware of the needs that nor customers or VMs knew they had. They added lighting, as simple as it might sound, they illuminated the right angle of clothes through smart plug and play solutions. Adding to that and keeping in mind that creating the right atmosphere is key, they also included enough electrical outlets to connect a humidifier, a tablet and whatever tool you need inside the space. Shelves are their business and they made sure to create a flexible yet strong product that will make scary installations a thing of the past.


We believe that the use of these fixtures can change the speed of our job since the creation of new layouts will be as easy as placing a podium for an activation, while eliminating the need of using hardware to make small changes. The experience for the customer will change as well, since the screens inside the store facilitate the journey and facilitate the purchase. These screens allow the user to compare different products by just lifting them from its shelf. Online payment is also possible, so your sales associates will be able to focus on supporting your clients with the right information through the proper attention.

Visual merchandising strategy

This is definitely a new way to live retail and to offer an unforgettable experience that your customer didn’t know he wanted through an improved visual merchandising strategy. Start using Insync and transform you store! Contact us to give you more information about this or any other of our products, we have a solution for every retail problem. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.