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People are always searching for experiences that will help them create happy memories, from traveling to a certain country, to choosing a restaurant or a hobby. For brands, this new need represents an opportunity to show creativity and new ideas, especially when it comes to introducing a new product or service. But the real trick is to remain different, just think about the times when you just can’t remember the exact store where you saw that amazing top because you visited more than ten and honestly, all looked the same. How can you make your store an unforgettable one? We have the answer, including technology.


We used to sell just mannequins and hangers, which can be very traditional, and we decided it was time to innovate. We knew that if we wanted to be successful, we shouldn’t do it alone. So, at the end of last year, we started our quest to find the most innovative companies in the world that would become our partners. We were looking for technological solutions that would increase the interaction of brands with their customer without depending on physical contact between the sales assistant and the client. Little we knew about the virus that would change our lives, but it made us realize we were on the right path by integrating these more solutions into our offering.


Our new vertical, Albex 360, includes technological services and products that benefit both customers and brand as well in terms of data collection and customer interaction. Let us introduce our new partners:


  • Perch: interactive retail displays that attract the customer and track their interactions by detecting the number of times a product is picked up, they have worked with well-known brands as Jo Malone and Macys. Their product is ideal to detect your best-seller or to measure the performance of a certain line.

  • H-Ventures and VSBLTY: they have integrated the best facial recognition technology into a magic mirror that is capable of detecting gender, age and expressions of your visitors, which comes in handy during these times when metrics are everything. It can be installed in any type of store, from fashion showrooms to supermarkets.

  • Realfiction: they developed an amazing hologram technology that will make your windows look futuristic and sophisticated, the content can be fully personalized with your brand’s graphic elements and it’s been proven as one of the most attractive displays during exhibitions.


We understand that especially now, investing in new technology is necessary but not easy when it comes to make a big investment. It’s been a few years since we started offering some of our mannequins for rental in an effort to create a better solution for you, and now we are ready to go the extra mile. Our new strategy includes rental services for the Albex 360 products to make them accessible for more people. Imagine having the hologram display only for the time you really need it, this is simply ideal to execute a campaign or to launch your newest product.


We are a team of creative people that will be happy to assist you and suggest the best solution for you. Give us a call or send us a message and discover all the possibilities that will take your store to the next level.