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“I like my money, right where I can see it … hanging in my closet” – I was well reminded of this quote by Sarah Jessica Parker looking at the many photographs that are being shared on social media from all over the world, during this lockdown period.


It does seem that most of us re-visited our wardrobes, with the intention to re-organize or re-arrange, only to find more categories of garments than what actually exists.


Not suggesting, for once that there’s always something hiding in closets, I am simply referring to our self-created categories such as:

  • Love it and wear it regularly
  • Love it but cannot fit into
  • Love it but it’s out of fashion
  • Waiting for the right occasion
  • Waiting to find matching shoes
  • Not yet found accessories with it
  • The seasonal ones
  • Those for a holiday only
  • The lucky charms
  • Just keepsakes
  • and so on and so forth …


Gosh! we never fail to realize, that we don’t just pay for these garments, but are emotionally invested and quite connected, for when we dispose some, we do not remember their price as much as the memories associated.


However, this time, I did notice something different in our wardrobe and realized that we had a few unsung super-heroes in our closet, living in complete silence. They had the power to withstand every emotion and memory, that we created and decided to burden them with. I am talking about our personalized hangers.

Personalized Hanger by Albex


If it wasn’t for these, I probably wouldn’t have garnered as much confidence, every morning by feeling that my initials were also a brand, my son wouldn’t have had his school uniform perfectly ironed and hanging from a hand-picked hanger size, my wife would have taken a lot longer in trying to figure out what she wants to wear and more importantly our house-help wouldn’t have had the custom colors, to help her organize our wardrobes, so beautifully. But these were my wives’ comments.


In the cloud over my head, I would not have managed to save those designer suits, hoping my son might fit into them some-day, my son wouldn’t learn an iota of what value means and my wife would have spent a lot more money hoarding and no amount of extra wardrobes, would have been enough. Oops … I can suddenly hear ‘we need a bigger house’ but thankfully, it’s just a thought cloud – phew!


I’m not quite sure if I am seeing new things in my closet, suddenly found a new sense of appreciation for our personalized hangers or is it just an ego boost, for the right decision made. Irrespective, this lockdown has suddenly brought a sense of gratitude to various aspects and the minutest facets of life.