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So you’ve decided to open the clothing store of your dreams and you’ve been handed the keys to your space. You now have a blank canvas to work with; the opportunity to create something unique so you can present your products to prospective customers in the best way possible. When it comes to capturing and keeping customers in your store, every detail counts. Here are a three key areas to consider and tips to tackle them like an expert:


You may have a great product, but if you’re looking to convert it into sales you’ll need to get your customers through the door. That’s where your storefront display comes in. Creating a captivating storefront creates curiosity and intrigue – it will either lure the customer in, or have them walking on and window shopping. Your storefront display is just as important, if not more, than the interior design of your shop so be sure to take the time to bring it to life. Use eye-catching, well-dressed mannequins, related product props, and wall graphics to create a powerful mood and story.


Visual merchandising is a key element in creating a strong customer experience. Where and how your items are displayed enable customers to go on a journey of exploration of who you are and what you have to offer. Invest in high quality wood, metal or plastic hangers, perhaps with your branding engraved, to really highlight your professionalism, exclusivity and value as a retailer. Use platforms and mannequins to create a focal point and coordinate colours intelligently on your racks to keep customers browsing and shopping.


When your customer leaves with a purchase, let them also leave with a piece of your brand. This is where your packaging, presentation and accessories come into play. Neatly pack purchases in branded boxes, colour coordinate tissue paper, shopping bags, ribbon and more. This shows the customer you have thought about the experience from start to finish – from when they set foot in the door to the moment they leave – and builds customer loyalty.

If you are a new or established retailer are looking for unique products or solutions such as mannequins, hangers, or accessories, get in touch with the Albex team today.