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Is this just a shopping bag or also an opportunity to give your customer a piece of your brand to take home? Think about it, after purchasing one of your products, your customer will carry them in a bag and most likely, reuse this bag to transport something different after emptying it at home. If you do your job effectively, you can use this chance to encourage future sales.


Packaging is playing a key role nowadays, especially when it combines sustainability and design. A shopping bag is the perfect canvas to make a retail statement. There are iconic shopping bags like the “little brown bag” of Bloomingdale’s, an item so powerful that it doesn’t need to have the brand on it for people to recognize it.



Think about the times when you buy something, and the packaging is actually cuter than the item itself! Now let’s translate this to your product, for sure you already have an awesome one but now you need to give your customers the full experience, from the moment they enter your shop until they leave carrying your brand proudly. Our job at the Albex Group is to solve for different retail needs, from building stores from the concept to supplying all the sales tools such as labels and bags.



We have supplied shopping bags for many different brands, and we have learned that creativity is the only limit. Getting your bags with us means that you can personalize them 100% and they will be manufactured according to the highest quality measurements. We offer two main options: kraft paper bags or sustainable bags. The good news is that for the first one we have a factory in Dubai which means that delivery times are way shorter.



Considering sustainability, the packaging space allows for us as retailers to propose new solutions that can be as iconic as the example mentioned before. For example, our sustainable bags are made by Flatbag, an Italian company that innovated by offering a more resistant material making bags stronger than the average paper one and enabled them to be reused. All our products can be personalized, and you can always contact us to find out which is the best option for your business (tip: you can also ask us for samples!).